Protesters Force Nancy Pelosi Off Stage at DACA Rally

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SACRAMENTO -- Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's day didn't start as she'd planned.

At a second DACA rally at Sacramento State University Monday evening, she got a do-over.

At the earlier rally in Pelosi's home district, San Francisco, there were protesters angry at attempts by Democratic lawmakers to bargain with President Trump, and they took over the rally. Eventually Pelosi was forced off stage.

Access to the Sacramento State rally was tightly controlled, although Pelosi said she understood the earlier protesters were acting out of fear.

"So I was actually... we're all disrupters ourselves," she said. "So we recognize it and respect it in others."

The Sacramento State crowd never interrupted, but some did feel strongly about the deal with the president.

"Don't settle," said Diana Campos. "Don't use the Latino community as a way to expand your own political... you know."

After a meeting with President Trump, Democratic lawmakers indicated a deal was in the offing, a deal to save DACA in exchange for Democrats cooperation on border security, but not a border wall. Within hours, the president seemed to disavow that deal.

"Even among members of the president's cabinet the next day, Mulvaney said, 'Yes. That was what the arrangement was.' So we think we made progress in it," Pelosi said. "But we made it really clear -- we're not going to be cooperating until we can get this values decision made by the administration, because this is bigger than an issue. It's a value, it's an ethic. It is who we are as Americans."

For those still uncertain if they're legally American or not, or if they'll ever be, it's cold comfort.

"It broke our hearts when the president made his decision," said Angela Velazquez. "It was like we didn't matter. And I'm here because this matters to me."

Protesters FOX40 spoke with said they want a "clean Dream Act" that doesn't have increased border security or Ice agents as part of the deal.