Emotional Impact of Mexico City Earthquake Felt in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- The emotional impacts of Tuesday's Mexico City earthquake are felt 2,000 miles to the north in Sacramento.

Gloria Barrios at La Mexicana Bakery on Franklin Boulevard has many family members in the quake zone. She said it took a long time to reach them on the phone after the quake. But when she finally did get through, she received some good news.

"Everybody is OK,” said a very relieved Barrios.

A few blocks away, at Caballo Blanco Restaurant, employee Teresa Perez received some very frightening news about her family's home in Puebla.

“The house where they live knocked down completely,” said Teresa through a translator. “They weren’t home. They were out at the market shopping. And they felt the earthquake in the market. When they got home, they saw their house was already knocked down.”

Perez, very relieved that her family is safe, has great empathy for those quake victims who were not so fortunate, and she said it's very important for the survivors to know they have support.

Liliana Ferrer, Mexican consul general in Sacramento, said many people have been calling the consulate wanting to help.

“And for that we tell people to get in touch with the Mexican Red Cross. You can do that via the internet, and they will be accepting donations.”​

As Ferrer explained, the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento has several roles in the aftermath of the quake: facilitating information, helping people get in touch with relatives, and receiving expressions of solidarity from elected leaders and other agencies in California.

Ferrer also refers people to the following phone number for more information about the quake: (855) 463-6395