Modesto’s Roseburg Square Welcomes New Businesses

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MODESTO -- Modesto's Roseburg Square is experiencing a rebirth, with a handful of stores opening in the last two years after many spots were vacant for several years.

Bellissima Boutique is the newest addition  -- opening just last week.

The property manager for the square, Susan Batty, says this is the first time all the stores have been filled in a long time.

A tea room is the last place to open, it will replace what use to be a laundromat.

"This is a central location, you don’t have to go to the other side of town anymore, you can shop here which is nice for us that live in the downtown area," said Priscilla Ramos with Bellissima Boutique.

Many shoppers and store employees say the new life in the shopping center is refreshing and they look forward to many shoppers coming to the area.

"We all complement each other. There is no rivalry. If I don’t have that something that somebody needs, I’ll send them down to the next antique store. We all have a different product, and we complement each other really well," said Maria Rocha will Laura Bell & Co.