Sac State’s Parking Woes Temporarily Worse During New Garage Construction

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SACRAMENTO -- To improve the parking at Sac State University, it first must be made worse.

"It's already been awful. Just like awful, awful. I get here at 6 o'clock and people are still trying to get here to get parking," student Corrin Pereira-Malandro said. "If you get here any later than 7 o'clock you are pretty much out of luck."

The parking scramble is a careful dance Sac State students do every morning. It's even more complicated, now that construction on a new parking structure on campus has taken away 1,000 parking spots.

Sac State's Director of Transportation Tony Lucas says he understands the parking situation is difficult for students this semester.

He says hopefully the parking woes will stop once the new parking structure with 1,750 additional spaces on the north campus is complete in January.

"I know our students love parking spaces but no one loves parking more than the parking director," Lucas said.

Lucas is encouraging all students to use the Sac State parking app that shows students real time updates of parking availability on campus.

Senior Maclain Utterback says he doesn't use the app, nor does he think there is a parking problem, because he has learned the tricks over his four years to find a spot on campus.

"I don't like telling where my parking spot is but there's totally parking you just have to find it, you got to be willing to park in compact," Utterback said.

Utterback's tip -- you won't find parking near classes. You have to be willing to walk 10 minutes.