September Storm Brings Snow to the Sierra

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DONNER SUMMIT -- Heavy rain in the Sierra turned to snow in some places.

The snow was coming down pretty good near Mount Rose Highway, at a summit near 9,000 feet, just north of Lake Tahoe on Wednesday.

Some sightseers in the area got more than they expected out of their trip to Tahoe.

"This is obviously my first snow of the season, and I'm excited. I'm super excited. I love snow," said Chris Riley, who was visiting from Texas.

"This is wonderful because I'm from Texas. In fact it's in the upper-90s there today. So to get up here and see this is just beautiful. It's a nice break," said Kathy Gordon, who was visiting from Texas.

Earlier in the day, on the drive eastbound up Interstate 80, it looked as if the seasons were changing right from one minute to the next.

There is excitement blowing in the wind about the upcoming ski season, just four months after the previous one ended. A season that saw nearly 800 inches of snow fall.

"You can just kind of feel the buzz around here," Jon Slaughter with Sugar Bowl said. "Everyone's starting to ramp it up to make sure they get all their projects done for the year, and the customers are getting really excited. So I anticipate tomorrow morning our webcam is gonna be flooded with views, everyone trying to check out that first snowfall."

Slaughter says Sugar Bowl is busy hiring, making upgrades and getting everything ready for the 2017/18 season. He says nature will decide when it's time to open.

"Last year, thanks to all the snowfall, we were able to extend the season into mid-May. And we'll always do that. We'll open earlier and we'll stay open later if we can. It all really depends on the snowfall -- to check out that first snowfall," Slaughter said.