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Police Think Same Suspect May Have Burglarized Several Homes in Davis

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DAVIS -- A brazen burglar doesn't even hesitate as he barges through a Davis homeowner's window, wearing gloves, a backpack and carrying two bags.

This was Sept. 9, and police believe the man caught on camera was involved in two other nearby burglaries that day and 15 similar crimes in Davis since July.

"You can see where they tried to get in," said Christine Eastman.

With the most recent two being just Wednesday on Temple Drive

"You can see the footprint there, he took the ice chest and moved it," Eastman said.

Eastman showed us where the burglar used an ice chest to access her window.

"You can see it was pried off a little bit," she said.

Eastman says the burglar took jewelry and cash from a wallet but left behind computers, and other electronics. That's not the only part that fits the profile of the other break-ins.

"My friend's daughter said a man came up to her and asked for Jerry," Eastman said.

"A man is knocking on doors a breaking in if no one's home," said Lt. Paul Doroshov with the Davis Police Department.

Police say multiple neighbors have reported the suspicious door knocker as a light-skinned black man in his 20s or 30s, about 6 feet tall.