Body Camera Footage Shows Officer Stopping Woman Trying to Commit Suicide

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SACRAMENTO -- The quick, determined actions of a Sacramento police lieutenant kept a woman from forfeiting her life to a moment of crisis.

The lieutenant's body camera filmed what happened Wednesday at Highway 160 and Northgate Boulevard, where a woman was seen standing on the edge of a bridge, getting ready to jump.

In the footage the officer can be heard calmly trying to confront the woman as she stands on the opposite side of the bridge's railing.

"Hold on, dear. Don't do that, don't do that. Get on this side," he can be heard saying. "Don't do it. What's wrong honey? What's wrong?"

Then, as she crosses over to get her blanket next to the road, the officer seizes the opportunity to run to her, tackling her to the ground and keeping her safe.

"I just didn't want you to hurt yourself, OK?" he said to the woman. "Why are you doing this stuff?"

The woman was taken to a local hospital following the incident.

The lieutenant has yet to go through the new, enhanced training program the Sacramento Police Department's implemented to help officers deal with those confronting mental issues.

"So, in 2015 we started with eight hours of crisis intervention training and that was training that was more lecture driven," said Sgt. Bryce Heinlein. "We have since employed a 40-hour class that all our officers at every rank attend and that is more scenario-based."

Yet, it's obvious he drew on skills developed over more than 20 years on the force to defuse her plans to jump.

"He did a great job communicating as well as showing restraint, and then ultimately taking an opportunity to safely control the woman," Heinlein said.