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Event Aims to Give Homeless Population a Chance to Speak Out

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SACRAMENTO -- The Latino Center of Art and Culture will be holding an event Saturday aimed at giving the local homeless population a chance to share their stories.

From noon to 2 p.m., the Unhomed: Voices of the Unheard event will offer an open space for homeless people to express themselves regarding how the city of Sacramento could best move forward.

While the mayor and all of Sacramento's city councilors were invited none have RSVP'd. They were invited to the event to listen but not to speak, as many in the community feel officials already have a platform.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg is, however, sending one of his employees to represent his office and listen, as he explained in the following statement:

Hearing about the challenges and experiences that Sacramento’s unsheltered community face every day is not only valuable, it is critical if we are to implement a system of care that will meaningfully impact the homeless crisis in our city.

This is an opportunity for public officials, service providers and the public to hear directly from the people we all are urgently trying to help.

I regret that I cannot attend but my lead staff on this issue will be there to represent me.

FOX40 contacted all of the city councilors and all who responded said they had schedule conflicts.