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Hundreds Line Up for Free Weekend Health Clinic at Cal Expo

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SACRAMENTO -- In the State of California, millions of people cannot afford their health care costs. Because of that, many people choose not to receive care.

To address this issue, California Care Force, a volunteer organization, is sponsoring a free, large scale health clinic through the weekend.

The clinic is scheduled Friday through Sunday. More than 1,500 people have been pre-scheduled to receive care from Friday to Sunday.

The clinic offers dental, vision and medical care in three separate areas at Cal Expo.

"What's sad is (1,500 people) doesn't even scratch the surface of the people that need care. It's getting the word out, people having the time to get over here, and we can only take as many patients as we have providers," California Care Force Executive Director Pamela Congdon said. "The patients are so grateful, they kind of feel like they've been abandoned by the system."

Shendez Andrus was one of 450 people receiving care on Friday, as were his wife and three kids. They recently relocated to Sacramento after losing their home, car and most of their belongings in Hurricane Harvey.

Andrus' son lost a tooth on Friday. He's unsure about his medical coverage status, so he came here for free access.

"I'm looking to rebuild, meet great people and manifest that greatness in my life," Andrus said. "Great assistance, love the people. Bringing our family back together, keeping us healthy."