Intersection’s Morning Dangers Highlighted by Serious Accident

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MANTECA -- A senior at Manteca's East Union High School was hospitalized with severe injuries Friday morning after a car accident in an intersection near the campus.

School administrators say the driver stayed at the scene of the crash, cooperated with the authorities and was "visibly upset" after the crash. The school's principal says the morning sun greatly impacts visibility in the intersection and the driver may have been blinded by the sun.

"It's pretty bad," said Sierra Brown, an East Union High student. "I used to get dropped off down there, but my mom was, like, 'No, because it's too dangerous.'"

Chatter on social media in the Manteca area also said the morning sun makes the intersection dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.

Parents are asking for more school zone signs and changes to crosswalks in the area in order to make the streets around the high school safer.

A family friend confirmed to FOX40 that the girl was hospitalized with a small brain bleed and broken bones. The girl is said to have a long road to recovery ahead of her.

"She's like a really sweet person," said Seth Lozano, a senior at East Union. "She's really genuine, she's really pure, and I just feel bad, like, really bad for her."