Two Years after Devastating Fire, Elk Grove Church Classrooms Ready to Reopen

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ELK GROVE -- The Elk Grove United Methodist Church is ready to reopen two years after a fire swept through some classrooms.

The main church itself, built in the 20's, did not catch fire but the adjacent classrooms were used for more than most would think.

"The kids are really excited because they got their play area back, they got their lawn back, they got basketball back, and now they have a real room to meet in," Pastor Kathy LaPoint-Collup said.

In May of 2015, the building caught fire.

"We were getting ready for a rummage sale, and someone pitched a lawn mower in, and when the wall heaters went on in the morning, there was a vapor from it and it exploded and when the fire got to the lawn mower itself, it exploded again," LaPoint-Collup said.

The classrooms were a complete loss.

"We lost at least 50 percent of our space and people were crammed into lots of different spots," Mark Hedlund, part of the congregation, told FOX40.

Two years later, LaPoint-Collup says the building was rebuilt to be better than before. Some storage space was replaced with showers that will be available to the homeless to use.

LaPoint-Collup says waiting two years for the new building was worth it -- and the fire may even have been a blessing in disguise.

"Since no one was hurt, we're able to see this as a blessing," she said.

The church is holding an open house Saturday morning.