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Brush Fire North of Vacaville Prompts Evacuations, 2 Homes Burn

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VACAVILLE -- Several homes in an area north of Vacaville were evacuated Saturday due to a four-alarm brush fire.

The Estate Fire started late Saturday morning near Estate Drive and John Wayne Lane.

The affected homes were along John Wayne and Skyhawk Lane. According to the Sheriff's Office, the evacuations were a precautionary measure.

Cal Fire later confirmed two homes were burned by the fire, along with some outbuildings and cars.

"I saw smoke, you see these tall pines in the background?" said Jeff Carmichael. "I saw smoke rising from there, within 10 minutes it was at the house. So, I started packing up as many animals and things as I could to get out."

Carmichael lost his home of eight years and a dog to the fast moving grass fire.

Officials said the fire spread to 55 acres by 2:15 p.m. By 6:36 p.m. Cal Fire reported it was 100 percent contained.

Several neighbors told FOX40 a lawnmower started the blaze, while tall grass and strong winds urged it on. Firefighters have not yet officially confirmed that information and say the cause is still under investigation. A Red Flag Warning was put into place earlier in the day due to "critical fire weather conditions."

"Don't do any mowing," said Vacaville Fire Department Deputy Chief Doug Rogers. "Be careful of your cigarettes. Just be hyper aware of your surroundings."

The fire caused smoky conditions in Vacaville.