Plans to Fix Bottleneck on Cap City Freeway in the Works

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SACRAMENTO -- A portion of Sacramento freeway infamous for traffic bottlenecks could be changing.

Caltrans released several plans this month to alleviate the flow of traffic on Business 80 between E Street and Exposition Boulevard, one of which includes the construction of a new bridge.

Caltrans says it's in the very early stages of the project, and it could be another decade before it's completed. Drivers say the changes need to happen sooner.

The brake lights and stop-and-go crawl through a stretch of the Cap City Freeway known as the bottleneck is one every Sacramento driver loathes.

"Frustrating, stressful, not fun. All those things," said driver Cindy Viramontes.

"No one knows how to drive, so it's always congested," driver Zatina Harris said.

Making things worse between E Street and Exposition -- there's no place to exit the freeway.

"You just got to stick with it, or you just got to plan ahead," Harris said.

The problem is one Caltrans says it's no longer going to ignore.

"We're working on it, yeah. Please be patient," said Caltrans District 3 Project Manager Clark Peri.

There are now four different plans in the works that Caltrans believes will help get feet of brakes and onto accelerators. All of them call for adding a carpool lane.

One of the four plans even calls for a new bridge over the American River and eliminating the curve leading up to the water by building a new freeway through the proposed Sutter's Landing Park. However, none of the fix plans will be happening anytime soon.

Caltrans is just a year into a three-year environmental impact study.

"And then probably two to three years in design, and then we'll start construction about 2023," Peri said.

By the time construction is done, Caltrans says it could be 2027.

"I mean, why would it take so long? It seem ridiculous," driver Cindy Viramontes said.

Commuters FOX40 spoke with feel a decade solution may be too late to help them in today's rat race.

"I think we'll be flying by then, who knows?" Harris said.

Caltrans says it is still working on getting all the funding needed for the project, which could cost close to $500 million. But they want the public's input on their plans, and they will be holding an open house on Oct. 5 in the Cal Expo administration building from 3 to 7 p.m.

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