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Thief Smashes in Windows of at Least 15 Cars in Upper Land Park Neighborhood

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UPPER LAND PARK -- Broken glass and broken windows -- residents of "The Mill at Broadway" say this was the scene up and down Cleat and Lug lanes early Sunday morning.

"I saw my car was smashed in, someone had gone through the center console and the glove compartment," said resident Katie Snell.

Snell was one of at least 15 victims. In her case, nothing was taken, but Sacramento police say the thief took items from other cars.

"This was completely shattered through, I did have a spot of blood, nothing big, just a cut," Snell said.

But Snell said crime scene investigators did examine her car. Sacramento police say CSI examined six vehicles where the burglar left behind evidence. Police aren't confirming this, but several residents say that evidence was blood.

"It's really unfortunate, there's a lot of hard-working people around here," Butterfield said.

Like many of his neighbors, Butterfield slept through the break-ins, which police believe happened  about 2 to 4 a.m. Investigators haven't identified a suspect but Butterfield is putting his hopes on the surveillance cameras that come with every home. He says some neighbors are now talking about increasing security

"They're talking about getting a security officer to patrol," he said.

Mill Project Manager Kevin Smith says he supports neighbors who now plan to form a neighborhood watch.

"No place can be 100 percent secure," Smith said.