UC Davis Debuts ‘Medical Amnesty’ Protocol

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DAVIS — The first day if the academic year at UC Davis is also the first day for its new medical amnesty policy.

It’s a policy that safeguards students from student conduct penalties if they call for help in a drug or alcohol related emergency.

Raeann Davis of the UCD Student Health Center says there is a lot of anecdotal evidence if students delaying or forgoing a 911 call because they didn’t want to be caught up in repercussions linked to drug or alcohol use or possession.

Other universities have gone to the so-called 911 “good Samaritan” policy. The Health Center is trying to spread the about the new policy, especially for to the thousands of freshmen who are starting classes this week.

The Student Health Center, which operates an urgent care clinic, gets around 25 to 30 emergency alcohol or drug related cases a year but there is no estimate about how many calls are not made or are delayed because of concerns over violations of student behavior rules.