At Separate Modesto Schools, Students Sickened by Pot Brownies

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MODESTO -- Modesto City Schools confirms that some Beard Elementary School kids may have ingested pot brownies.

A spokesperson says the kid brought the brownies to school and handed them out after school and during an after school program.

Kari Watkins, whose daughter ate one of the brownies, says she's upset at how the school handled the situation.

"I'm furious. I'm heartbroken, because that somewhat steals the innocence of my 10-year-old child," she said. 

Watkins, and other affected families, were the only ones notified. Watkins says her daughter had a stomach ache, seemed loopy and very talkative. She says the school should have let all parents know that this happened.

"It's taken care of a lot more lightly than any other drug and I don’t feel that should be the case when it comes to our children," Watkins said.

Modesto City Schools also confirms that a teen girl at Davis High School fell ill yesterday. She needed medical attentionand it was found out that she and other students ate pot brownies.

The school district is treating both incidents as separate. The two schools are very close to each other so some are wondering if the brownies came from the same family.

"These are two separate incidents and it is absolutely alarming to have drugs on our campuses," district spokesperson Becky Fortuna said. "It doesn’t matter the grade level."

Fortuna would not say how many students ate the brownies.

School resource officers will be talking to the elementary school kids about the dangers of drugs. Davis High will be calling parents Tuesday evening, asking them to talk to their kids about the dangers and repercussions of drug use.