Friends Remember Teen Killed in South Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- For Nyla Moore and others around Sacramento High School, the shock of losing friend and former student Tamir Williams as bullets flew on 64th Street won't soon fade away.

"It just all came to a shock, and nobody believed it was true and stuff, and we didn't believe it," she said.

Instead of eagerly anticipating spirit week challenges and an upcoming dance, they're in mourning -- grieving in part the way teens do in the digital age with the hashtag #longlivemir and dozens of posts on Instagram.

"I just love his smile. He always just makes everybody laugh, like every time he comes up here every day, and he was just so happy," she said.

According to Moore, Tamir happily made evening plans Tuesday to visit other friends near 64th Street with his buddy Dashaun Walker.

Just before 8 p.m. both 15-year-olds were shot on that street, police said.

Williams died.

Walker is in serious but stable condition.

Investigators haven't been able to determine if the gunman was walking by, driving by or in a home, they have, however, said that witnesses have helped them conclude the boys were would-be criminals turned victims of crime.

FOX40 asked Moore if her friends would have been planning a home invasion as police have indicated.

"No, that doesn't sound like anything they would do. They don't do that," she answered.

While Moore says Tamir's smile will live on in her heart, she's taken her heartfelt support to the hospital where Dashaun is recovering.

"It's messed up. I don't understand it," she said.

Confusion too for people who live near the crime scene and can't believe their quiet street became a shooting gallery.

One mom of four was too afraid of what's happened to show her face on camera.

"I have felt safe for six years," she said.

"Very comfortable place to live, no drama, no gunshots, nothing, and last night was a real shock," the woman said.

The incident has left many with painful questions.

"He was just so happy. It's just, I don't understand it. I don't understand why somebody would do that to him," said Moore.

If you know anything about what happened oh 64th Street, Sacramento police want to hear from you.