New Video Has Some Questioning Initial Account of Deadly I-80 Crash

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SACRAMENTO -- Hundreds of balloons were released by hundreds of young hands as the Del Paso Heights Pop Warner football community said goodbye to their teammate Tayarrie Hatchett-Sims -- retiring his jersey.

The 15-year-old died in a crash alongside his grandmother, Bennie Harriel -- beloved in the community as someone who always did for others.

They also honored 13-year-old Roncell Belton, known as Red, who is recovering from serious injuries. He, Hatchett-Sims and Harriel were riding in a silver Hyundai Sonata, the first car to be hit in an eight-vehicle, chain-reaction crash that injured two others.

As their family mourns, police are investigating new video that questions whether the accident happened the way initially reported.

Friday, CHP said the tow truck driver told them the Hyundai carrying Harriel, Hatchett-Sims and Belton was stopped in the middle lane of the freeway with its lights off when the truck ran into it.

However, a Modesto couple says they saw things differently, and dashcam video supports their account of events.

Jessyka Rocha, a passenger in the car recording the video says the Hyundai, was never stalled and it wasn't in the middle of the freeway. She says the car blew a tire and pulled over onto the left shoulder, she says it had its hazard lights on and then tried to pull back into traffic. The video shows one car swerve to miss the Hyundai. But according to Rocha, the next car to come along was the Ford tow truck slamming into the Hyundai out of camera range.

CHP aren't commenting on this video but confirm they are reviewing it.