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Police Find No Suspects or Victims, but Plenty of Bullet Casings at Shooting Scene

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SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento police officers arrived at the scene of a reported shooting just south of McClellan Airfield Thursday to find several bullet casings but no suspects or victims.

Sgt. Brown reports the Sacramento Police Department received a call about shots fired on Astoria Street and Grand Avenue around 11:30 p.m.

When officers arrived they found no suspects or victims, just multiple bullet casings. It appeared as though different firearms were used by an unknown number of people.

Police entered a vehicle that appeared to be associated with the shooting and discovered a handgun.

A home, which also appeared to be associated with the shooting due to its proximity to the incident, was empty. Police called in the SWAT team to clear the residence out, but found no evidence inside.

No arrests were made and police do not know who was involved in the shooting and how they fled the scene.

Sgt. Brown reports the policed department is looking for people to come forward with any more information.