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Woman Claims Son Assaulted by Rocklin Officer is Not Receiving Proper Medical Care

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NORTH HIGHLANDS -- A woman told FOX40 her son suffered serious injuries at the hands of Officer Brad Alford and that he has not being given the medical attention he needs.

Sonia Perez called FOX40 Friday night concerned about her son's well-being.

The Rocklin Police Department called Emilio Perez Chavez's injuries non-life threatening. Earlier this week, investigators said after his arrest he was treated at a hospital and medically cleared then booked into the Placer County Jail.

The 22-year-old's mother said her son is in a lot of pain.

"He's got broken fingers in his right hand, and he's got some fracture in his right leg and his left arm is swelled up extremely big where they can't even cast it," Perez said.

She claimed all of his injuries are from the night Alford is accused of using excessive force.

Rocklin Police Chief Chad Butler said the 15-year veteran used a baton against Perez Chavez during a DUI stop Sunday in an excessive manner.

"He was shielding himself, his head from being hit and his face with his arms, and that's why his left arm got so much swelling in it," Perez said. "And he was also putting his legs up to block his body from being hit."

Perez said the medical staff at the jail is giving him Tylenol and Motrin for the pain, but said that's not enough.

"Tonight he calls and he says he's in extreme pain and his left arm is turning black. Which I believe to be an infection," Perez said. "He's being refused. I've talked to them numerous times and the last time a lady in medical hung up on me, so it's been just frustrating. I'm really concerned about his well-being."

Placer County Sheriff's spokesperson Dena Erwin couldn't comment on the exact medical treatment Perez Chavez is getting because of medical privacy laws. She did report Perez Chavez has received medical care nearly everyday and has a doctor's appointment scheduled for Monday.

However, the family said they're still concerned for his health and safety. They now have legal representation.