Sacramento Woman Searching for Driver Who Hit Her, Her Car in Midtown

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SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento woman is hoping someone can help her find a wrong-way hit-and-run driver who damaged her car and nearly ran her over.

The incident happened Thursday night, at the intersection of L and 20th streets in midtown Sacramento.

"She honestly could have ran me over, she could have ran over my skull," Ericah Howard said.

Howard is still in disbelief about the whole thing.

Thursday night, she was sitting in her parked car at the intersection of 20th and L streets when a driver hit her.

"This lady was going the wrong way," Howard said. "She made a u-turn, [and] since she was going the wrong way down a one-way, and in her U-turn at the end of it, she hit my parked car on the side of the road."

Howard immediately jumped out, thinking the driver would stop to swap insurance information. Instead, the driver kept going.

"I ran her down," Howard said. "She stopped because she saw me running after her. I was at her driver side window saying 'pull over,' and she just looked me dead in my eyes, hit the gas and turned left."

But, Howard was holding on to the suspect's car, refusing to let go.

"Because she hit my car and I'm not going to let her get away with it, it was obvious she wasn't trying to stop," she said. "And when she hit the gas I was still trying to run with her car, and then she rolled me in the street."

Howard now has bruises all over her body.

"I could have been killed, I wish it would have occurred to her, I wish she would have stopped," Howard said.

Howard's Ford Escape now has a large dent in it, a fix she wants the hit-and-run driver to pay for.

Howard did get a good look at the silver Honda two-door and its driver.

"She looked like mid to late 20s, petite, kind of like a round heart-shaped face ... brown skin ... she had dyed blonde hair that was curled," Hoard told FOX40.

That driver may not get away with it.

Howard's friend wrote down the first four digits of the license plate number on that Honda -- "5-V-F-T." A number she's given to the police and listed on social media.

Now, she hopes the driver does the right thing, before she's able to track her down.

Howard says the driver was not in the car alone.

"I imagine someone in the passenger seat being like 'go, go, go.' You know?," Howard said. "'Cause like otherwise why would you do that?"

Sacramento police are looking into the incident.