Elk Grove Business Claims Possible Scammer Posed as Employee to Steal Money

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ELK GROVE -- An Elk Grove business is trying to get the word out to the public to try and stop an alleged scammer from taking advantage of people using their company name.

According to the staff at Abbey Flooring Design Center in Elk Grove, a man came in one day pretending to be a contractor and left with several business cards from one of their employees.

People began calling the company, claiming a man who said he was an Abbey Flooring employee had approached them about his car breaking down.

They said a man would ask for money to get a tow and handed them one of the business's cards, identifying himself as an Abby Flooring employee. He promised to return in 45 minutes after at least two people said they gave him around $200.

When the man did not return to pay them back, the people eventually called the company and that's how the Elk Grove business says they first learned of the scam.

Several other businesses that did not fall for the scam contacted Abbey Flooring. Local business owners saved footage of the alleged imposter on surveillance video. He fit the description given by Abbey Flooring employees and the people who said they were victims.

The staff at Abby Flooring reported the incident to both Elk Grove and Sacramento police departments. Nothing has been confirmed with law enforcement.