Following Vegas Mass Shooting, Local BloodSource Center Sees Uptick in Donations

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SACRAMENTO -- As the magnitude of Sunday night's mass shooting in Las Vegas became more widely known, the need for blood became clear.

Lines for many blood donation centers in the Las Vegas area wrapped around the corner.

In the Sacramento region, BloodSource sent blood to a center in Vegas.

On Monday, donors in the Sacramento area flocked to several BloodSource locations. Those donations will likely go toward replenishing local supplies depleted by the Las Vegas shooting and natural disasters in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

"When blood is needed quickly, such as this senseless tragedy in Las Vegas, blood can be flown down quickly to get to the patients that need it," BloodSource spokesperson Alexander Sigua said.

Blood centers are tied together by a communications network for emergencies like the Las Vegas shooting.

"There’s always a need for blood and people need to realize that and come in on a regular basis because they’re always short on blood somewhere," donor Marla Buckmaster said.