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Roseville Woman Describes Dodging Gunfire in Las Vegas Shooting

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ROSEVILLE -- A Roseville woman was among the crowd of people that was able to escape the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas without serious injury.

Lisa Fine flew back to Northern California early Monday, the morning after a mass shooting at the festival killed dozens of people.

"I have not stopped shaking to even calm down or even realize what has actually happened," Fine said. "You just can't even feel like it's really happening to you at the time."

Fine, still wearing her festival admission wristband when FOX40 spoke to her, says what had been an awesome trip filled with friends and great music completely changed shortly after country superstar Jason Aldean took the stage.

The shooting started just a few songs into the headliner's set.

"It is the weirdest thing, it sounds like firecrackers and it takes a second and then you listen, and that's not fire crackers," Fine said.

In that moment, Fine says she decided not to run.

"Just get out of sight, because you can tell he's shooting randomly at people," she told FOX40.

In videos Fine took on her phone, you can hear her trying to make that point to others who were running away into an open parking lot.

"It was very systematic like how it would happen, just gunfire, gunfire, gunfire then there would be a pause and you knew he was reloading," Fine said. "And then there were just hundreds and hundreds of rounds."

During one break in the gunfire, Fine says she saw a man help someone else perform CPR on a victim who was out in the open.

"This man, he ran out there to help that man with his loved one. There's just no words to describe what that's like in the moment," she said.

Fine and her friends were able to escape by hiding under the bleachers.

Physically, she has just a few scrapes and bruises -- but she knows the traumatic stress from surviving the worst mass shooting in modern American history has damaged her in ways she can't yet begin to comprehend.

As for the shooter's motive, Fine says that's irrelevant.

"I don't care why he did this," she said. "There is no sense in killing innocent people."