Sacramento Police Work to Keep Area Surrounding Golden 1 Center Safe

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Just like that, the Kings are rolling and so is the Golden 1 Center.

The Kings preseason opener Monday night is the first of three big event nights in a row here and big events mean big crowds.

Crowds can be a concern, especially with what happened in Las Vegas fresh on everybody's minds.

Police presence tripled for Monday's event. A game plan that was already in place, but perfected after last night's nightmare.

"The good thing that law enforcement does is we take these events, and we look for ways we can learn from them," said Sacramento police officers Linda Matthew.

You'll be seeing a lot of cops around the Golden One Center if you're among the tens of thousands expected to visit over the next three days -- including a lot of cops you don't see working behind the scenes, monitoring surveillance cameras.

Part of the job for police is to keep people safe- but part of the job is to make people feel safe, so they don't stay home altogether.