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Stockton Boy Beaten for Bike on Video Gets Help from Baseball Coach

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STOCKTON -- With a handful of gifts, Gregg Marsh meets William Jones for the first time.

While this budding friendship is touching, its roots were borne from violence.

"I really tried, just try to understand the whole concept of the situation," Jones said.

Jones says his 8-year-old son Charles was beaten and robbed of his bike by three boys -- all between the ages of 10 to 14. He found out about the attack after he saw an Instagram video of his son being kicked, punched and humiliated.

"My thing is, is I want this gentleman and his son to feel safe here in Stockton and that he has Stockton behind him," Marsh told FOX40.

Marsh, a baseball coach for Franklin High School, says he saw FOX40's report and wanted to show Jones there's more to this city than crime

"The donations here are just a small way of showing him... I wanted to meet with him face-to-face and let him know that we care," he said.

So Marsh, along with others in the community, pitched in a 49ers helmet for Charles, Yellow Jackets t-shirts for both son and father and a bicycle -- just for the boy.

For Jones, who moved to this neighborhood almost two years ago after his son's mother died of cancer, these are more than just gifts -- this is what it feels like to belong.

"If we found somewhere else different, a different area, I would love to stay in Stockton," Jones said.

Jones also received some cash donations. He says he will put that money towards finding a new home in a neighborhood that feels safer for he and his son.