Local Veterans Kneel During the Pledge to Show Solidarity with Other Protesters

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SACRAMENTO -- A group of local military veterans are standing in solidarity with those who have chosen to protest during the National Anthem.

"I hope it takes some of the sting out of it for those who say its unpatriotic to take a knee," said president of Vets for Peace John Reiger.

They did so by taking a knee themselves during the Pledge of Allegiance at Tuesday's Sacramento City Council meeting.

Those who knelt say they wanted to prove that there are people who fought for this country but also support kneeling as a patriotic protest to social injustices.

"I took an oath to protect the rights of others to freedom of oppression," said Major Renee Marie. "And so I come here today to celebrate the right to stand and the right to take a knee in the platform that a person chooses as long as its nonviolent."