Stockton Teen Hit by Stray Bullet while Laying in Bed

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STOCKTON -- A 14-year-old Stockton boy was hospitalized and is said to be in serious condition after he was hit by a stray bullet Monday afternoon.

Investigators say the teen was inside his home, minding his own business, watching television from his bed when he was struck.

One witness, who identified himself only as David, said he saw two groups of young girls fighting before a seeing a car driving fast down Scotts Avenue. He said a "kid" was hanging out the window, shooting west.

"So it was actually stupid, you know? Because, you know, the kid he wasn’t even thinking about anybody," David said. "He just started shooting."

Meanwhile, police say they have no information about the suspect.

"Anytime you have a 14-year-old boy who was just laying in his bed, minding his own business and gets shot by a stray bullet, that’s concerning to us at the police department," Stockton Police Department Officer Joe Silva said.