Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church Founder Arrested

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YUBA COUNTY -- The Yuba County Sheriff's Department served search warrants at multiple illegal marijuana grows in the area on Tuesday.

Warrants were served at 10 locations in Yuba County and two locations in downtown Sacramento.

Authorities say the 12 locations seem to be tied together in some way.

Law enforcement will remain in the area of all 12 locations until all illegal marijuana is located and destroyed and the scenes are finished being processed.

Sheriffs arrested 18 suspects including 46-year-old Heidi Lepp, one of the founders of the high-profile Sugarleaf Rastafarian Network of cannabis churches.

One of her properties was the scene of an shootout that caused the injury of two Yuba County sheriff's deputies.

Authorities seized approximately $21,000 cash, approximately 1,500 plants, over five pounds of processed marijuana and eight guns.