WWII Veteran, Oldest Man to Sail the Globe Solo Continues to Inspire at Age 93

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EAST SACRAMENTO -- Three times a week, 93-year-old David Clark plays piano at Evan's Kitchen in East Sacramento.

"He's pretty amazing," restaurant owner Evan Elsberry said. "He's like a treasure. He's a hero, he's done it all."

Clark has a remarkable life story.

He went into combat during World War II in Italy and says he remembers seeing humanity at its worst.

"Senseless, terrible horror," Clark said. "There's no words to describe it."

Now, he knows he's one of a shrinking number of World War II veterans able to share these stories firsthand.

"We all, at least me, were convinced we would not survive. But we do survive," he told FOX40. "There's not many of us left."

After the war Clark got a boat and  decided to sail that boat around the globe.

"One day, I got a boat," he said.

Despite knowing next to nothing about sailing, he did it -- and he has the medals and newspaper covers to prove it.

"People said, 'You'll never do that.' Well that ticked me off. You don't tell a Taurus what they're not gonna do," he said.

Throughout the two-year journey, music was still a part of his life. He played clarinet when he stopped at different ports around the world to make money.

Clark says he has no plans to stop playing piano and sharing his music -- and his stories -- with whoever wants to listen.

"I hope he keeps going until he's 100," Elsberry said. "He said he's going to."

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