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Sacramento Woman Feels Helpless as Family in Puerto Rico Struggles to Get By

SACRAMENTO -- As President Trump flared tempers by tossing paper towels to a San Juan crowd during his visit to that hurricane-devastated city in Puerto Rico, Ana Medina's thoughts were focused 56 miles south.

"I'm just really worried about them," she said.

Her father Jose and mother Mildred are in Guayama - population under 50,000 - and far out of what there is of the spotlight that's on the suffering in San Juan.

Medina's dad was in good spirits the day Hurricane Maria was due to arrive, prepared to ride out her worst in his concrete home, but his attitude is changing after two weeks without power.

For the first time since that almost Category 5 storm made landfall, the Desert Storm Army vet made a difficult call to family today.

"They're running low on food...and they don't have any money for food...and that he tried to go get money.... but that the lines are really long lines...just really crazy long lines," said Medina.

Proper nutrition is a greater concern because Jose Medina the second has diabetes which has already damaged his eyes.

"Something he said was that they haven't seen anybody...haven't seen Red Cross,... haven't seen FEMA... haven't seen anything....at all. And haven't heard anything at all."

Her mom doesn't drive and her dad is partially blind, so even if they could borrow a car the Medinas in Puerto Rico can't even get themselves to strapped San Juan.

Ana is desperate to help her family but can't mail in supplies or fly-in because the airport's only servicing planes delivering aid.

As far as any relief groups she's contacted?

"They take information...and like...we'll call you back. No one's called back...you know. I've filled out forms -- a bunch of forms out online. I haven't heard anything. I just feel super helpless," she said.

To try and get this family some answers about what's been done in Guayama, FOX40 dialed the FEMA news desk line which the agency says is available for media 24/7.

We were only able to connect with an answering machine message that instructed us to leave the external affairs director an email.

Emails sent to his address and that of the general FEMA news desk have not yet been returned, but we will keep checking back.

Locally, Sacramento's Empress Tavern is hosting an all-you-can-eat burger feast on Sunday, October 8th to benefit hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

Tickets are $40.

All proceeds will go to 'United for Puerto Rico,' a new fund created by Puerto Rico's First Lady Beatriz Rossello dedicated to those hurt by Hurricane Maria.