Midtown Sacramento Man Hit at Dangerous Intersection, Now in a Coma

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 SACRAMENTO -- A 24-year-old Sacramento man is still in a hospital recovering after he was struck by a vehicle on what neighbors are saying is a dangerous roadway in midtown Sacramento.

Bright flowers, candles and balloons seem to be ignored by the drivers who speed past 20th and F streets, but Lauren Kalokerinos says they're meant as a reminder.

"To maybe remind drivers to slow down," she said. "You know, you could hurt someone."

Kalokerinos' boyfriend, 24-year-old Arkadiy Yaslynsky was crossing 20th Street last week in the middle of the day when he was struck by a truck.

"There was blood on the ground, and they had a towel underneath his head," said one witness.

The driver stayed behind, but now Yaslynsky, an avid photographer, has a skull fracture and brain swelling. He is in a medically-induced comma at UC Davis medical center.

"Arkadiy's life will never be the same now," Kalokerinos said. "It's just a hard time."

Meanwhile, many of his friends unable to visit his hospital bed, have been adding to the memorial.

"All around good dude," said Benjamin Roberts. "Always fun to laugh with; always fun to be around. I'm just there waiting for him to wake up."

As they do, they see car after car, driver after driver trying to avoid busy streets and rolling through the stop signs at the intersection.

"And I feel like people dodge those to make up for lost time and start zooming through," Roberts said at the intersection. "I mean, you can see that person didn't even stop right there."

Another acquaintance of Yaslynsky's is City Council member Steven Hansen. Hansen feels the stop signs may not be enough.

"I've asked our city staff to evaluate that intersection," Hansen said. "Can we improve the cross walk markings, is there some other things that we need to do? We can put pedestrian islands in place to give people some defensive territory."

A donation page has been set up to help Yaslynsky's family pay for his medical bills.

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