Owner of Sacramento’s Supreme Pizza Carjacked at Gunpoint During Delivery

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SACRAMENTO -- It had all the makings of a regular Wednesday at Sacramento's Supreme Pizza as orders stacked up at the family-owned shop.

Then came the call no one could have guessed would deliver the owner to a deadly threat.

"When they cocked the gun, that sound, you cannot really take that sound for anything else," said the owner of Supreme Pizza. "It's like your mom's eyes, you know, you recognize it anytime."

Sharing the start of his carjacking near Trail End Way and Old West Drive, Supreme Pizza's owner wanted to remain anonymous, but he thought it was important for the community to know what happened.

He said two Hispanic teen boys were outside the home he'd been asked to bring pizza to, saying their dad would be there soon with the money.

After going to sit back in his car and a failed attempt at calling the dad, that's when he says a 9 mm was pushed through his open window.

"Then I felt something firmly pressed against my head, like the left side of the head," he remembered, pointing at his temple.

Next he was ordered out of his 2003 silver Toyota Matrix.

"He points the gun at me again in the chest area," the owner said. "He said, 'Give me your phone.' I said 'No, I'm not giving you my phone. I already give you my car.'"

In the face of that resistance, as the thieves sped off in the Matrix, the business owner could only think of his boys.

"Just knowing that I'm still here and can be with my boys and raise them," he said, remarking that family had become even more precious to him since the carjacking.

He wants other delivery drivers and area homeowners to know there's a threat on the streets.

"We don't know where their stop is. Today us...tomorrow it can be some single mom," he said. "Just look out, look out for yourself."

Police have not yet been able to identify suspects in this case or locate the stolen car.

If you have seen it or know anything about what happened Wednesday Sacramento officers want to hear from you.

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