Sacramento Woman’s Parents Finally Receive Aid as FEMA Brings Relief to Puerto Rico

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SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento family pleading for help on behalf of relatives stuck in the more rural parts of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico just received some good news.

On Thursday FOX40 introduced you to Ana Medina. Her parents live in Guayama, 56 miles south of San Juan.

The couple said that in the two weeks since Hurricane Maria hit they saw no signs of any efforts by relief agencies.

As promised, FOX40 kept following up with FEMA about the state of affairs there.

Late Friday FEMA reported that four shelters were opened in and around the town. Puerto Rico's National Guard delivered pallets of food and water to the town Thursda and the area is now being used as a regional staging area for commodity and tarp distribution.

According to FEMA, a satellite phone has also been delivered to Guayama's mayor to help with communication with the rest of the island and Washington D.C.

Most cell towers are still down.

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