Rancho Cordova Intersection Where Man in Wheelchair was Killed has Deadly History

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RANCHO CORDOVA -- Police say a man was trying to cross the street near the intersection of International Drive and Mather Field Road in his wheelchair when he was hit by a car and killed.

"The tires were maybe 5 feet away from the wheelchair," said Rancho Cordova resident Duffie Jeffrey. "His hat had been completely thrown off of him, and he was just laying there on the ground."

Jeffrey said she heard screams just after the collision. That's when she came running.

But it was something else, a silent gesture that let her know what she was seeing.

"When the EMT just threw her gloves off... just threw them on the ground," Jeffrey said, mimicking the technician's reaction. "She just went like this and... he was gone."

The intersection is a busy one. Cars tend to drive through at 45 mph.

On one side of it is the Sacramento VA Medical Center.

For one veteran, what happened Friday night was all too familiar.

"He saw a car coming, he went to turn... used the walker as support... got hit," said Jack Boren. "Obviously the walker wasn't going to help him."

Shahied Shabazz died Sept. 5 of last year, after his friends say he was struck in a hit-and-run accident in the same spot.

"It's a bad, bad intersection," Boren said.

Jeffrey and Boren are calling for Rancho Cordova to look at speed limits through the area and consider other approaches to making the intersection safer.