Atlas Fire Prompts Animal Evacuations

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NAPA COUNTY -- The growing Atlas fire has reached 25,000 acres prompting animal evacuations in Napa County and for every anxious animal there's a person to lend a bit of hay.

"It`s very stressful on the owners of the horses and the people who ride them and have bonds with them," Bailey Morrisson said.

Groups of horses have been met by volunteers in the Solano County Fairgrounds.

"We just basically coordinated repurposing these old horse barns to start receiving them," Mike Oakimedes.

Oakimedes says about 150 large animals are expected to take shelter there by Monday night -- many of them coming from R-Ranch a community owned campground in Napa Valley.

"People are stepping up from all over to help," Morrisson said.

When volunteers said they desperately needed water buckets Home Depot donated them within an hour.

The hay, the water, the animal feed all dropped off by local businesses.

"Seeing the videos they're sending, all the homes burned down, its very heartbreaking," Morrisson said.