Cascade Fire Destroys Neighborhoods in Yuba County, One Death Confirmed

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YUBA COUNTY -- A  family is digging through destruction -- digging for memories -- after the fast-moving Cascade Fire ripped through their Loma Rica home in Yuba County.

"Here today, gone tomorrow and that's what's sad," Kevin Schroeder said.

The home, off of Marysville Road, which has been in Schroeder's family for more than 40 years, is now  just a pile of ash.

"After 40 years, how do you pick up 40 years worth of stuff, 50 years worth of stuff and says whats important and whats not .its devastating to see everything. not just this house but everybody`s house," Schroeder said.

The Cascade Fire broke out Sunday at around 11 a.m. near Collins Lake and several strike teams from across the state have been deployed to fight this fire.

The fire  forced thousands of people from their homes. At least one person was confirmed to have been killed, Yuba County officials said.

Stephanie Summers was evacuated early Monday morning. She was told her home is still standing, but she is thinking about her neighbors.

'I just feel sad for those people who lost their homes or animals, that's really sad," Summer said.

The Yuba County OES has confirmed one death in the Cascade Fire.