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Evacuations in Place for Lobo Fire in Nevada County

NEVADA COUNTY -- In the hills of Nevada County helicopters fill the sky.

Cal Fire says because of the terrain in the area water and retardant drops are their best chance of slowing down the Lobo fire.

"We have a very steep river drainage that this fire is burning and that makes for a very difficult firefight for the firefighters we are definitely leaning heavily on air resources," Brice Bennett, Cal Fire spokesperson, said.

On the ground crews try to protect buildings.

Monday evening the Lobo Fire was approximately 900 acres.

Fire fighters camped out in front of the Nevada City School of the Arts Monday afternoon where flames are burning trees just feet away.

The school itself is covered with pink retardant.

With around 8,000 people under evacuation many homes are empty, but many houses are receiving constant protection.

"I was hoping to catch my breath and think through things but we just decided to get out," said resident Teri Hadley.

The Twin Cities Church is one of two evacuation centers for the Lobo Fire.

Hadley says she left her house early Monday morning.

Like many others its been a surprising last 24 hours.

"Last night with the wind I was worried about the power going out but I didn't think about fires," Hadley said.