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Hillary Clinton Makes a Stop in Davis for Her Book Tour

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DAVIS -- Hillary Rodham Clinton - the woman who's come closest to the American presidency - taking center stage in Davis.

"The only way we will get sexism out of politics is to get more women into politics," she said to a loud round of applause, defying the fact that some in her own party think she needs to clear the political stage to help the Democratic cause move forward.

"When leaders deny things we can see with our own eyes like the size of a crowd at an inauguration," said the former U.S. Secretary of State.

Jabs at the alternative fact culture offered by the current administration got big cheers from a sold out Mondavi Center crowd still very much behind the 2016 presidential candidate who lost.

Heading into the only California speaking engagement for her book, "What Happened," Clinton fans countered lingering criticism that she still hasn't taken responsibility for her controversial email usage and handling of the Benghazi attack.

"I think she did come out and say that. Maybe it wasn't to the same point and time some people thought she should but I think she was candid in speaking about what she could have done differently," said Jillian King.

She came to the event with her daughter, convinced Clinton was still inspiring as a role model for women and that she would have good lessons to offer about handling disappointment.

"She has admitted mistakes that she has made and she has called into question where the country is going with the leadership of Donald Trump," said Doug Elmets.

Elmets is a Republican and former spokesperson for President Reagan who spoke for Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

While 1,800 people showed up to back Clinton, Sally Parker was one of about 10 who came out to protest her, criticizing her for backing a no-fly zone over Syria.

She was challenged.

While detailing how she believes Clinton's policies would have landed America in a shooting war with Russia, a Clinton supporter handed her back her flyer.

"You handed this to us and told us it was a fact sheet but there aren't actually any facts on it...thank you."

With warnings about weaponized information, Clinton repeatedly went in on the facts as she sees them regarding Russian election interference that may have helped now President Trump.

"It's about what's happening right now. The Russians doing anything and everything they can to turn Americans against each other," said Clinton.

Ticket holders, tonight, still turning toward her.

"It was just a great opportunity to hear someone so successful against all odds," said Laura Pizzo.

For Dean Simonton, the speech and 'Q and A' session showed him that, "She is human."