Kings Rookie Fox Talks about Mom Overcoming Breast Cancer

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SACRAMENTO -- De'Aaron Fox is one of the youngest players on the Sacramento Kings roster.

He's just 19, and already looks right at home in the NBA. Basketball fan or not the magnetic and explosive Fox is fun to watch.

FOX40 caught up with the Kings rookie before a preseason road game against the San Antonio Spurs, but we didn't talk about the game.

We talked about his mom, Lorraine.

"She's always supported me," he said.

Lorraine Harris-Fox is a 21-year breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed a few years before De'Aaron was born and beat the disease.

"I was just around when she was still recovering from it," he told FOX40.

It's a battle they haven't forgotten, and a victory they continue to celebrate.

"It's close to my family. It's something that I've always known," he said. "My mom always hosts a 'Pink Party' every year at the end of October, too. It's something that's always been close to me, something I've always looked forward to."

Another moment he looked forward to -- the NBA Draft back in June. His mom was right there with him when his name was called.

After all the hugs, Fox made his way to the stage and paid tribute to his mom by showing off the pink ribbons lining the inside of his jacket before shaking Comissioner Silver's hand.

"For the best day of my life so far, being able to hear my name and being able to walk across the stage and realize I'm about to live my dream, I threw something in for her. She loved it," Fox said.

It was a proud moment his mom will never forget.