Man Loses 3 Classic Cars in Nevada County Wildfire

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NEVADA COUNTY -- Bob Foster is unhurt after the McCourtney Fire swept through his community early Monday.

His home was spared, but one of the structures the fire destroyed was Foster's wooden garage. Everything inside the garage was also destroyed.

"My childhood toys are three cars. A '55 Chevy pick up, which you can see the back of it right there. Next to it is a '64 Studebaker GT Hawk. I belong to a Studebaker club. And I have a Corver convertible, which was a lot of fun to drive," Foster said.

Foster, a 77-year-old former race car driver, says he never had kids of his own. His cars were his babies -- he even carries photos of them in his wallet.

All three of his cars were always ready to go. Each one with a full tank of gas. Unfortunately, for this situation, that's what fueled the flames.

Despite his more than $60,000 in damages, Foster says he's one of the lucky ones. Firefighters came in time to save his home and his life.

"I don't need three toy cars. I'll probably get one more to replace the three, and say that's enough. It'll be easier to take care of than going through this aggravation again," Foster said. "My wife and I have our relatively good health. So that's really all that counts."