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Roseville Couple Flees Flames of the Atlas Fire in Napa County

ROSEVILLE -- It was relaxing wedding anniversary for T. Shook and his wife Angie at the Silverado Resort -- then came the yelling and knocks at the front door of their cottage.

"From what was a nice calm evening with the stars out now looked like basically Armegeddon," T. Shook said.

Video from his phone shows the power of the wind.

The irony is, they are both Sacramento City Firefighters but they weren't exactly geared up on their anniversary trip.

"Without any kind of equipment, say an entire engine with water in it there wasn't a whole lot you could do except play the part of the evacuee," T. Shook said.

Angie knew exactly what to do because she's a fire prevention officer.

"Get your stuff, get out fast," Angie Shook said. "OK, now it's time to practice what I preach."

Being firefighters, the pair had an idea of the rate of burn for this kind of fire but getting out was no picnic.

"The biggest concern was that I knew that our way out we would have to go through the heel of that fire and with the driving flank that was coming across there," T. Shook explained.

And from experience they made sure not to add to the task of sheriff's units running evactuations and engines racing to the scene.

"We just had to make sure that we didn't get in the way of them trying to do their jobs," Angie Shook said.

They looked up the ridge and were glad they were visitors and not residents.

"At night you could see the lights from the houses and it looked like a row of monopoly houses that were going right in the path of that [fire]," T. Shook said.

In another bit of irony, their anniversary yesterday was National Fire Prevention Day -- but sometimes conditions makes prevention hard.

"With the barometer so low, humidity's down the wind...it doesn't take much," Angie Shook said.

The couple says fellow firefighters who are on the job have a big task ahead of them.