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Cascade Fire Evacuees Make a Temporary Home at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds

YUBA CITY -- The parking lot across from the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds is filled with cars of evacuees of the Cascade Fire as hundreds of people have taken shelter here.

"When we were actually leaving, fire on both sides of us, we were driving through the fire,"Justin Gomes said.

The Cascade Fire, so far, has scorching more than 12,000 acres since it's start early Monday morning. It's taken down houses even taken two lives.

Karen Dingle's friend died in the fire.

"Some of the neighbors tried to save her but [she] went straight into the flames," Dingle said.

The Yuba County Sheriff confirmed a second death late Wednesday morning.

Gomes says his family had 30 minutes to pack the car and leave their Loma Rica home. Now, they're waiting out the fire at an evacuation center at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds.

"We have emotional times and periods ultimately we're glad that everything is safe the house as we know of right now is OK," Gomes said.

But what Gomes did before he got out of the area early Monday could've saved his neighbors lives.

"I myself ran all the way to the neighbors knocked on at least seven houses to let them know there was a fire," Gomes said.

It's stories like this that fill this evacuation center where Red Cross says at least 400 evacuees have come through for donations and a place to sleep.

Even some volunteers feel the impact of the Cascade Fire.

"We both were asked to come down to open the shelter we're from Brownsville so when we came down here we're stranded. We can't make it home because of the road closures," explain Red Cross volunteer Dominique Smith.

Volunteers and evacuees alike make their temporary home here at this center and say as devastating as this fire is they're just grateful to be away from it.

"Over here it's been pretty nice they've been very helpful," Gomes said.

A lot of donations have poured in but Red Cross says one thing they do need are towels. Donations can be dropped off at the center.