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Indigenous Peoples’ Day Protest at Sacramento City Hall

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SACRAMENTO -- They believe they're moving in the spirit of their ancestors - with dance steps on the plaza outside Sacramento's City Hall and with action inside.

"It does not acknowledge the fact that native people were here," said Ixchel Madrigal.

Madrigal and others are standing up against a version of history they feel ignores that there were established societies in America long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

The dance of protest came after dozens planned to ask city council members to officially declare the second Monday of October 'Indigenous Peoples' Day' and not observe the quote "genocidal legacy of Columbus."

"This city council is not doing things for the people. They're doing things for themselves," one woman said.

That outburst came after they weren't even allowed to make their request during public comment because there weren't enough council members in town for the necessary quorum to hold the meeting.

That's when this crowd decided to hold one of their own.

"This is a total disrespect to each and every member of the public," said activist James Faygo Clark.

They refused to leave City Hall's lobby shouting out that Columbus wasn't a great explorer.

"He was a great exploiter. There's a big He says he discovered us. He did not discover us...we helped him out," said Sister Who Walks With Bears who is otherwise known as Marge Grow Eppard.

Supporters who thought they'd be a little late to the council's public comment session, found themselves locked out of City Hall.

Protestors on both sides of the doors, pointed to council members' absence as dereliction of duty.

"What district are you in 'cause we need to replace each and every person in there," one man said.

They also called out council absence at a recent town hall event hosted by the homeless.

"All of a sudden they've got priorities...when they keep saying the homeless are their top priorities," said Clark.

Turns out five council members are in Texas on a study mission about homeless solutions.

Regardless, until they can meet their council face to face, this coalition says their warrior song won't be silenced.

Though it was known that there wouldn't be a quorum for Tuesday's meeting, the city's charter doesn't allow for it to get canceled early in the day.

The city clerk has to call it at meeting time and announce that there isn't a quorum.

FOX40 reached out to several members of the council for comment what protestors had to say at city hall and did not get a response.