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Neighbors Cope with the Loss of Woman Killed in Cascade Fire

YUBA COUNTY -- The majority of the homes on Lone Tree Way in Yuba County burned to the ground in the Cascade Fire which has grown past 11,685 acres and is 20 percent contained.

Neighbors believes at least 14 homes were destroyed.

Wyatt Howell, who evacuated early Monday morning, returned to his house to find it untouched by flames however within minutes of being home his barn and then eventually his trailer went up in flames.

Howell says the irrigation water to his property had been shut off and he didn't have any ability to fight the barn and trailer fire.

Other neighbors in the area are grieving.

Karen Dingel said she was good friends with an elderly woman who died in a car accident while trying to escape the fire Monday morning.

"I miss her, we were all waiting for her to show up at Gold Eagle where we went to after we were evacuated and she never showed," Dingle said.

The woman's truck remains pinned up against a tree. Tire tracks on the dirt show where she made a nearly 90° left turn before plowing through a horse pen before hitting a tree.

Neighbors say others were on their way to help but she was surrounded by flames and there was nothing that they could do.

Many homes in the area are without power as PG&E crews work to restore it as best they can.