Residents Evacuate as Atlas Fire Spreads Towards Solano County

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SOLANO COUNTY -- Winds whipped through caution tape marking the homes on Twin Sisters Road that people are in the process of evacuating.

That wind sent flames of the Atlas Fire southward Tuesday afternoon - farther and farther into Solano County.

"There is live ash actively dropping right here," said resident Randy Baines.

Bains waited until he needed to wear a mask -- waited to get his family and his dogs out of here until the last minute.

Ground crews are struggling to catch up with flames raging about half a mile away and already strained fire crews raced limited equipment to homes.

Crews working with only about 20 trucks, against daylight, to keep homes intact.

Wildlife also raced toward those homes,too -- following their instincts to the safest spots to fuel up before nightfall.