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Area Fires Cause Bad Air Quality in Solano County

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SOLANO COUNTY -- A shift in the wind has brought relief to residents in Sacramento and Yolo counties.

But, for those in Solano County, much closer to the wildfires burning in both Napa and Sonoma counties, air quality remains at an extremely unhealthy level.

"We are now seeing winds out of the north-west which are pushing the smoke out. It will probably hit the central valley and the East Bay tonight and tomorrow." said Thomas Hall, Sacramento Air Quality Management.

"Regionally, some monitors have switched and gotten a bit higher so it's a real dynamic situation, but overnight conditions will get inversions and things could get worse." expressed Mat Ehrnardt, Yolo and Solano County Air Quality Management.

The bad air has canceled everything from schools to just about any outdoor activity in the area -- even bringing to a halt the $100,000 pro tennis tournament being played this week at Solano Community College.

"We don't want to put them at risk, so when it does get bad enough as it did today we stop it," said Phil Cello, tournament director.