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Lodi Businesses Collecting Donations for Fire Victims

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LODI -- Among the boxes of wine to be shipped at Lodi Vine are boxes of relief in the form of blankets, pillows and food.

"We saw the devastation online... it`s just not comprehendible how bad it is," said Lodi Vine owner Don Parker.

Parker, the owner of the wine shipping and storing business says he and other community members have rallied together to help those victimized by the California wildfires

"We have cleaning supplies, we have coffee, we have a little bit of everything," said volunteer Thomas Ransom.

They not only began collecting donations at Lodi Vine on Wednesday but also at other wineries like Jessie's Grove where they're not only collecting donations -- they're donating space for people and animals.

"Definitely want to make sure that this space is made available to any body who has the need doesn't have a place to go at the moment," said Sarah Williams, wine team manager, Jessie`s Grove Winery.

The response has been incredible.

"This is just awesome, it's overwhelming. I think I've cried like three times today," said Sip Shuttle owner Taylor Kininmonth.

Kininmonth will be hauling these goods to Napa and Sonoma counties.

This is just one small way she says they're taking action to help those who lost everything.