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World’s Biggest Firefighting Aircraft Being Utilized in California Wildfires

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MCCLELLAN PARK --  Over the last two days McClellan Air Park's runway has been extremely busy with 12 firefighting aircrafts coming and going to refuel and reload with fire retardant.

The biggest weapon on deck is the Global Supertanker.

"We've used it the last two days pretty heavily," said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Dusty Martin.

The 747 Global Supertanker is the largest firefighting aircraft in the world, able to carry 19,600 gallons of retardant for up to 4,000 miles.

This recent addition to Cal Fire made its debut in September during the Ponderosa Fire.

So far, pilot Marcus Valdez says it's been getting the job done.

"So far we've gotten very favorable reports from them," Valdez said. "The aircraft is doing what we had hoped that it would, it's effective."

He says even with the 655,000 pound weapon on the air, it's a team effort to fight these massive fires.

"The really important thing for us is we are helping the folks on the ground," Valez said. "Our real true heroes are the firefighters on the ground. We are here to help them."