Cal Fire Brings in More Help to Fight Northern California Fires

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As thousands of acres continue to burn  in 22 fires in Northern California, Cal Fire's Director Ken Pimlott says it could get worse.

"I mean these fires just grew in size exponentially in a very very short amount of time," Pimlott said. "We have critical fire weather conditions throughout much of California through the weekend. So that's going to produce erratic wind conditions, dry north wind conditions on these fires and winds. Just significant winds. In some cases up to 40 mph."

Still progress is being made to contain the wildfires.

Cal Fire says it's quickly getting the upper hand on fires burning in Nevada, Yuba and Butte counties.

"As we get resources released from those fires we're rapidly going to redeploy them to these other fires," Pimlott said.

He also says California is getting a lot of help from other states as well as the federal government and beyond -- with some firefighters even coming from as far away as Australia.

"We have the ability to access pretty much all the aircrafts that's been available through out the country right now, because fire seasons have been slowing down in many of the other states," Pimlott explained.